Hire the Tools You Need to Repair Your Car in Southampton, Hampshire

Even the most basic of car repair jobs are becoming increasingly technical, with specialist equipment being required to get the job done. This often leads to vehicle owners purchasing car repair tools that they only ever use once. However, at Cobra Motor Components, our car tool hire service offers a more cost-effective alternative. Based in Southampton, Hampshire, we supply customers with repair tools for the period of time they need them, and for a fraction of the price of purchasing them outright. Available alongside our valeting and winter care products, our range of tools available for hire includes:

  • Alternator Pulley Removal Kit
  • Auxiliary Belt Tensioning Tool
  • Calliper Rewind Tool
  • Coil Spring Compressor
  • Locking Wheel Nut Removal Tool
  • Polishing Mop
  • Popular Timing Tools

Contact us now, in Southampton, Hampshire, to discover more about our car repair tool hire service.