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Effective Winter Car Products in Southampton

Is your car ready for winter? Call on Cobra Motor Components for quality winter car products, such as screen wash, de-icer, and antifreeze, in Southampton, Hampshire. Our products will not only help keep your car running during the colder months but also help avoid damage that can come with freezing problems during this time. We also provide repair tool hire services all year round. Get in touch today for further details.

Our Full Winter Range

Our extensive range of winter car products includes:

  • Screen Wash
  • De-Icer
  • Anti-Fog Spray
  • Ice Scrapers
  • In-Car Dehumidifiers
  • Windscreen Frost Covers
Antifreeze and Cooling Systems

Antifreeze and Cooling Systems

Topping up your car’s cooling system with the correct antifreeze will prevent engine issues on frosty mornings. If your cooling system freezes overnight, then your car will not start, and attempting to do so can cause serious damage to the engine.

Other Winter Maintenance

Other Winter Maintenance

Checking that your wipers are in good working order will also help the screen wash work effectively in winter. Any splits, nicks, or tears in the wipers’ rubber can make your visibility worse, with the contaminants on your window simply being spread rather than removed. This can be irritating and is also potentially dangerous.

Keeping Your Windscreen Clean

Especially during the winter months, a good-quality, correctly diluted screen wash is essential to keep your windscreen clear from traffic film, which sprays up onto your car from other road vehicles. Traffic film usually contains general road dirt, salt from road gritters, and particles from exhaust fumes, all of which are worse in cold weather. Our screen wash is perfectly diluted to cleanse your windscreen of traffic film and contaminants.

Driving Safely in Winter

From screen wash to antifreeze, our winter car products help keep you safe on the road.