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New Car and Motorcycle Batteries in Southampton

Ready to replace your car or motorcycle battery? Visit Cobra Motor Components, in Southampton, Hampshire, to find the right battery for your needs and budget. Whether you need a traditional battery or a newer stop-start model, we keep a variety of products in stock to suit your requirements. Manufactured by VARTA, our high-quality car batteries come with a four-year warranty, and we also offer a budget range of a two-year warranty. Get in touch today to order batteries, parts, and other car accessories.

When to Replace Your Battery

Underperforming batteries will not only cause poor starting but a multitude of other electrical glitches while the car is running. Poor voltage often causes illuminated warning lights and other malfunctions. At worst, worn-down batteries can leave you unable to use your vehicle when you need it most, so it’s important to check your battery regularly and replace it when necessary.

Providing Reliable Batteries

We supply car and motorcycle batteries for a wide array of vehicle owners.