A Range of Batteries Covering Every Budget 

A car battery is the starting point for everything that a car does.  Under performing batteries will not only cause poor starting but they can also cause a multitude of other electrical glitches whilst the car is running.
Poor voltage can cause other systems to malfunction and can often be the cause of illuminated warning lights.

A worn-down battery becomes extremely unreliable, and can leave you without the use of your vehicle when you need it the most. Visit Cobra Motor Components, and we will supply the right battery for your vehicle and your budget. Based in Southampton, Hampshire, we carry an extensive range of car batteries we can also order in motorcycle batteries. Our high-quality range of batteries are made by VARTA™ and come with a four-year warranty, while our budget range still comes with a two-year warranty. Customers also turn to us for service parts and in-car accessories.

Contact us now, in Southampton, Hampshire, for more details about our car and motorcycle batteries.